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Up early

November 22nd, 2012 at 04:34 am

Not much to write about. Once again I was up at 3 am today. Third day in a row. After laying there forever I got up and putzed. If I wake up again tomorrow at 3 I may just have to get my butt out of bed and goto the stores, or bake. I'll see my mood. It's hard to want to goto the store when I can buy almost everything online these days.

Speaking of online shopping, I did some today. Saved $90.00 at one store and free shipping. Gotta love the gift certificates I can build up throughout the year. So now my son is almost done with his list. Just have to get a few things such as clothes.
I will say the nice thing about being up this early is that it is really peaceful and I get a lot of stuff done.

Pretty soon it will be busy with the wife starting to cook Thanksgiving dinner. It still cracks me up, she is doing a lot of the cooking and then we are taking it over to her sister's house. But she wants to be able to leave when she wants from there and not have them stay here until midnight. (they would do that to) So I'm okay with that.

Anyway, I've rambled enough so now I'm going to go putz around some more.

2 Responses to “Up early”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I have been having problems waking up way too early as well. Then, by the afternoon, I'm very tired. If you figure out a solution that doesn't include drugs, let me know.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I find that when I am more active during the day, it leads me to sleep a lot better. Exercise is the one insurance I have for a good night of sleep. That, and a nice cup of warm cocoa (in wintertime). Smile Jerry

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