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Well this is fun

December 20th, 2012 at 05:59 pm

I know that I wanted a white Christmas and everything but this is getting unreal. I have never shoveled a driveway as much as I have today. So this morning we got up at the butt crack of dawn and shoveled. Luckily a neighbor (who I just met today) came over with a snow blower and helped out with our driveway. I have got to get one of those. I had to go to work today. Since the company I work for didnít declare a weather emergency (even though the Governor declared a state of emergency) if I had called in it would have been an occurrence against me. I made it all though way to work and turning into our parking lot did a 180. That was fun. After 4 hours my wife called and said it was getting worse, so I told my boss I was leaving. I donít think she liked it a lot but what are we supposed to do, risk life or injury for a job. I love my job but not that much.

I was able to take a short nap and wrap the rest of the presents in between shoveling the driveway. So I feel like I have accomplished something. I think the plows have GPS in them that tell when someone just finished shoveling the driveway. Three times today, I finish my driveway and the plow comes by and buries the end of our driveway. I think that we are at about 10 or 11 inches so far with more on the way and a nasty wind tonight. Weíve already lost a couple of privacy bushes that snapped because of the weight of the snow. And now it is like plaster on the trees. You have to hit it with a shovel to get it to come off the trees and bushes instead of shaking it. My son made a square snowman. He armed it with a couple of snowballs. Kind of funny looking actually.

Iím sorry this is kind of random and all over the place. I guess Iím having a hard time concentrating. I must have seen something shiny. Have a good night everyone.

2 Responses to “Well this is fun”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Oh my, I used to have the exact same struggles with shoveling my driveway. I'm so glad I'm in a condo now and don't have to do that any more! Be careful to pace yourself; don't strain your heart.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    It's rude to laugh at your snow troubles, but you did make me laugh! Smile I'd like to see all that snow. And the square snowman! My solution to never getting sealed in by the snow plough is living on a street that never gets ploughed.

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