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It's sort of done

August 24th, 2011 at 06:38 pm

My wife and I had our 341 hearing for our bankruptcy today. It went better than we expected, and much better than the first guy. He and his lawyer got ripped because only he was filing bankruptcy, but all the money went into the wife's name recently. The trustee didn't like that. Anyway, when it was our turn, he just asked some questions, asked if we wanted to make an offer for the land lease and then take the payments back. (he wants nothing to do with it). He congratulated me on my job. When I told him what I do he said well, you won't get rich doing that. You can go have a good day. So now we start the 60 day clock. It was amazingly easy.

My job is going very well. I finally finished orientation. I've been there a week now, and have actually only worked my position for about 12 hours of it. We get unlimited overtime, so I am going to start working as much as I can. We need the money. It drives my wife nuts, because my workaholic nature kicked in.

Speaking of my wife, she had her second interview at the same hospital yesterday. They said she did well and the director likes her, so we will see what happens. They will let her know by the end of the week. But we will see if that happens.

My kid starts school next week, and we can't wait. Maybe our food bill and the electricity we pay will go down, since no one will be home during the day anymore. That would be a huge help.

Anyway, that is just a quick update.

3 Responses to “It's sort of done”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I hope that it all goes smoothly, and it would be great to see your wife's efforts lead to that gig at the hospital. And what a relief to have some insurance that the hard part of the bankruptcy over with... good luck!

  2. SarahJ Says:

    Sounds great, things are looking up for you and your family. My mom always told me that as long as you try things will always work out. Bankruptcy is designed for honest people like you and your wife, not people trying to beat the system like that other guy. I wish you all the luck with rebuilding and staying on the right track.. Hope your wife gets that job!!

  3. SarahJ Says:

    Keep us updated and let us know if she gets it..

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