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Misc thoughts

February 6th, 2013 at 06:22 pm

We got our water bill today. Our screwy city bills on a quarterly cycle. (they just happen to be a month late right now) Our bill was $335.00 for three months. The kick in the nads is that the actual water usage part is only $90.00. $200 of it is sewer usage. And the rest is fire, etc.. I am glad that I set aside money each week for the bill. I knew it was going to be higher because of the holidays but dang.
On the good news, Flo is no longer doing it for us for car insurance. I got tired of being told how much they appreciate our loyalty and accident free, blah, blah, but we are going to raise your rates anyway. So we switched from Flo to the Gecco. It is going to save us about $200 every six months. That will help put a little money in the savings. Itís funny that when I called Flo to cancel they didnít care, they just said okay goodbye.
The family has been getting sick on and off for the last month. If my wife doesnít have something than my son does. So far Iíve been fortunate to avoid getting anything. I hoping to stay that way. I am ready for winter to be over. We had a big blizzard and then everything melted. Now we are getting a winter storm warning each week. Iím running of places to put the snow. We average about 7 inches a storm. Getting old fast.
I am hoping with this next round of snow so close to the weekend, I will be able to go out and get back into my photography, since there will still be some pristine areas of snow. That is about the only thing that is nice about all this snow, is the beauty. I also notice how quiet things are when there is a snowfall. Very peaceful. My wife hasnít heard about that job she applied for. I finally convinced her to contact them and let her know she is still interested. We havenít heard from Social Security about my stepsonís appeal for the money they want back. Should have only taken 60 days, we are coming up on 120 days. Hopefully soon. So that is about all for right now. Write more later.