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Good Grief

July 18th, 2011 at 02:11 pm

I had a doctor appointment today that somehow managed to get canceled and they didn't tell me. Luckily they were really good about it and got me in anyway. This was partly a follow up and partly something to do about my snoring. (It will wake sleeping zombie two rooms over.) I actually had people knock on a hotel wall before. Anyway, back to my story. He looks in my throat and shoves that tube thing down my nose. Things are supposed to come out the nose not in it. But he says if I take my tonsils out and get my deviated septum fixed that will big difference. He wants to get it done as soon as possible since it is giving me so many problems. My wife is going to love that another surgery. By the time I am done I am going to be the freakin bionic man.

In other news I haven't heard from the doctor about some moles they removed. I'm not worried about them and neither is the doctor but the family is. I tell you, you get one bout of melanoma and all of a sudden the world is going to end when moles show up.

We are three days until my brother's wedding in Chicago. They are making it a 4 day event, with all the free food and wine you can eat and drink. Because of our financial straits my parents are paying for our hotel and train ticket. So the only thing I pay for is the tux rental. So I am happy about that. Depressed I have to keep taking help, but that is another time.

It is to damn hot here right now. And we have no air conditioner. If we are lucky we get a breeze at night to cool things down a little. My wife can't sleep in this heat and humidity. So naturally I am not allowed to sleep either. Good thing we are going to a hotel in a couple of days.