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Pretty boring

December 18th, 2012 at 06:37 pm

Nothing too much going on these days. I thought I would write a quick update anyway. Tomorrow night we start the winter storm they are expecting, well if it stays the course it is on. They actually say it will be a blizzard by the end of Thursday. They are expecting us to get 14 inches, with winds upwards of 45 mph. We'll find out how the new roof holds up. But that requires we actually get the snow.
Iíve decided Iím not going to open the account at Ally. Like I said I am more than happy to jump thru a few hoops, but the hoops they want me to jump thru isnít worth my time for the extra couple of pennies I would get each month. Maybe, if Capital One messes up ING I will look online again, but for now I will stick with ING.
We havenít heard from the Social Security Agency about the $12,000 they want back from my son. The say he was paid in error. We say no, so we appealed it. We should have heard from now. They only have 30 days to respond and it has been over 30 days since we sent in the paperwork. But what am I talking about, itís the Government. They move at their own glacial pace.
I had to make fudge tonight for a Christmas party tomorrow. Also we didnít get our annual bonus this year and talk is that we arenít going to get them. Apparently, when the company makes bucks they want to give it to the CEOís instead of the employees who made the bucks. Oh well, Iím just happy to have a job. Thatís about all for now.

1 Responses to “Pretty boring ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sorry to hear the government has not responded yet. Must be frustrating! Stay safe through the storm, I'll be going through it with you...maybe less snow, but a blizzard none the less!!

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